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You may have realized that bathroom remodelling is one of the most costly and labour-intensive home upgrades today. 

It’s considered costly because although most houses and apartment bathrooms measure 2m 2.5m or 5m2, remodelling it requires a lot of skilled trades. It requires demolition, hiring a plumber, electrician, framing, sheetrock, painter, and tile installer. 

Therefore, it’s not the cost of purchasing toilets, fixtures, tiles, sealers, or paint that weighs you down, but the number of people needed to get everything done in such a small room in the house. 

As a result of these expenses, most homeowners prefer to do a few changes in their bathrooms or what they call cosmetics and reserve significant changes to full bathroom remodellings at a later date. 

After photo of bathroom renovation done in Launceston with large porcelain tiles

What Cosmetic Work Entails and What It Doesnt  


Changing a toilet is one of the most genetic modifications you can do in your bathroom today. It requires getting the distance from the toilet to the back wall and the bolt that secures the toilet down. These features are called rough-in and should be appropriately checked.   

Further, the replacement should be either 10″ or 12,” and the shut-off valve that supplies the toilet with water should be fully operational. 


Replacing the same size and type of sink is easy, but switching from a boxy sink vanity to a pedestal sink may contribute to the following issues. Removing sink damages the floor and wall tiles, while plumbing like shut-offs and drain gets displaced. The plumbing may fail to fit in the cutouts areas of the sink trap and the drawers if you want to have boxy sink vanity with drawers. 

You can use repurposed old chests of drawers or dressing tables to create a sink for your bathroom. There are several ways of upgrading your sink, so you should first consult with professionals like Launceston Tiling and Waterproofing.  

Bathroom wall and floor tiling job we completed in Launceston with bathroom sink

Bathroom Tub 

The area serves as a romance hotspot and washes station. Replacing a tub can’t be termed as cosmetic remodelling because it requires a lot of investment, thus out of reach for you when working on a tight budget. However, you can upgrade a cast-iron, fibreglass, or an antique tub using a DIY refinishing kit to give it a sparkling look. For instance, you can use elbow grease to clean the tub’s upper body. More so, you can use low-flow showerheads to conserve the environment and save money.   

Wall and Floor Tiles 

Changing anything on the bathroom means interfering with both the wall and floor tiles. Therefore, you should interfere with these areas only when you’re ready to carry out a significant project or a larger re-do.  

Still, bathroom tiles make walls appear classy, and because they are expensive, you can opt for the frugal approach where you fix feature tiles strategically instead of tiling the entire space. Alternatively, you can install a thin horizontal strip of tiles on the wall to create a high-impact result while still saving money. 

You may also consult with Launceston Tiling and Waterproofing since the process can be risky if not handled properly.  


This is one of the most essential but overlooked part of the bathroom.  Ignoring grouts of a tiled wall means that you’re encouraging any underlying problem to creep higher towards the ceiling. The problem can sabotage your bathroom structure, yet you can quickly fix discoloured, dodgy grout. 


You need to check the overhead lighting replacement dimensions and ensure that what you are installing is damp-rated. Fix a combination of task lighting, built-in ceiling lights, and sophisticated pendant lights to enhance the function and the mood of this space. Further, you can modernize the bathroom lighting with LED, put strips on the bathroom floor surrounding or along the sides of the mirror to achieve a maximum effect. 

Shower Handles 

These bathroom features have no uniform standard, and therefore a homeowner has to replace the old one with the same type or brand. 

Cabinetry Hardware 

Upgrade your bathroom cabinet’s knobs, faucets, and fixtures with something cute and modern. You can use copper and brass fixtures to make the space stylish or matte black to exude masculine elegance. 

Wall Paint  

Use satin or matte finish to give your bathroom a new life. Use your creativity when painting this room, for instance, using light neutral colours or matching the paint with the colour of the tiles to alter the size of your bathroom. More so, you can paint laminated cabinet finishes such as cabinet enamel and trim. 

A word of caution is that you should never use cheap paint when updating your bathroom because the area is both moist and steamy; thus, this can encourage the growth of moulds. 

Towel Rack 

It’s ranked among the easy to replace bathroom fixtures. You can use old plumbing pipes instead of the great traditional towel rack to create a modern and masculine finish.  


Introduce a piece of artwork over the towel rack or toilet to enhance the look of these places. 

Setting a Budget for a Bathroom Remodelling 

As stated, cosmetic remodelling focuses on a few bathroom areas that are less costly and easy to change. A successful improvement is a result of a budget that ranks areas to be worked on based on the immediate needs and priorities. For instance, you can put a leaking shower and an ancient vanity replacement on top of your priorities. 

On the other hand, a complete bathroom remodelling can cost up to $10,000 or more based on your taste. The amount can balloon if you want bells and whistles. However, you can renovate a large area with a quarter of the amount by carrying out some jobs yourself, or reusing old fixtures. 

Whatever route you take with your cosmetic remodelling, ensure that you’re creative and give your walls a fresh coat of paint.  

Launceston Tiling and Waterproofing are ready to take this journey with you. The experts will offer you more suggestions and renovate your bathroom at a reasonable price.  Don’t hesitate to contact LauncestonTiling for your high-quality and affordable tiling and waterproofing services. We can’t wait to help you create magic! email us at [email protected]

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