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Beautiful floor tiles can change the look of a room. We have got an informative floor tiling Launceston guide that will surely help you in your tiling work. Let us tell you how to make the right decision for your tiled floor, and so you get the best possible results.  

For floors that are exposed to water and wet like the kitchen or bathroom, the hard floor is the best option. You cannot install some carpet or floor coverings wood to places because it will be crazy. Coating hard ground can also handle the pressure of corridors and rooms start.  

The reason it is so popular not only because of its durability but also because of the variety available in its design, colours, materials, and form. You can select exactly what you need.

Bathroom floor tiling job done in Launceston with wood look floor tiles

Types of Tiles for Your Floor Tiling Project 

Natural stone 

Stone tiles are unique because of the natural look they have. They include slate, marble, travertine, limestone, granite, and many more materials. Their natural comes with the advantage of versatility and authenticity. All tile materials differ significantly from each other in particular properties’ appearances.  

Travertine is generally lower than limestone because there are holes, created by the pressure; it must be filled with resin. Otherwise, it can create problems. Travertine tiles look as different as the limestone tiles. The only problem with stone tiles is that they require a sealer to prevent germs, dust or liquid get inside of it. 


When the clay is burned at very high temperatures and career is formed, and when it is set to moderate temperatures, it cooked form. These tiles are not only very durable but are available in a range of brown brick colour to dark brown. Tiles careers have a unique property that they are less porous. 


If you are looking for a cheap solution for a hard floor and ceramic is your best shot. They also come in many colours and styles, because the dyes are used as they are prepared so they can be dyed in the colour of your choice. 


They are the most famous tiles used on the floor of the kitchen and bathroom today because of the unique combination of properties that make them highly preferable to use in these locations. The high density of porcelain tile makes stainless durability, and long term is the main benefits that come with tiled porcelain.  

They have the same range of options available in colours and designs that are available in ceramic tiles while having low maintenance properties as stone slabs. The only porcelain tile disadvantages are their heavyweight because of their density, and their prices are a bit expensive compared to other tiling options. But if you can handle these problems, then there is no better option for you. 

Kitchen Floor Tiling Launceston Design Tips 

Kitchens are one of the busiest areas of the house. They are not just places for cooking. It is now a part of the living room that has to be in search of quiet and clean at the same time, be the cooking area. Tiles play a significant role in the look and design of each room, including the kitchen. For a modern look, the tiles with neutral colours are the best options.

Use Porcelain Tiles

Large tiles have the advantage of the minimum disruption in the tile pattern that is not only stylish but also eliminates the excessive use of grout. Less and fewer grout lines create a seamless and smooth look. If you choose porcelain tile, then it will be the best choice because of its smooth finish and variety of designer colours and available in it. You can choose tiles like porcelain wall paint or the colour of concrete so it will give a modern and elegant look to your place.

Using Limestone or Slate

For a traditional look, you go for tiles limestone or slate. You can choose less bright colours of limestone or brighter colours of slate tiles, to create a functional and stylish look. Although the grout lines are more extensive than those of porcelain, so they might end up taking a little more attention to the eye.

Moorish Geometric Patterns

The demand for eclectic tiles has increased in recent years. The taste of people is changing in simple designs, bold and classic. Most people want anything strange colours or bright tiles. To create a unique look, they are going for or Moorish geometric patterns on the floor. This makes their interest to see the floor. Their sizes are usually small, they need care and attention while installing them, but when done correctly can give warmth and fresh feeling to the viewer. 

The two primary goals, while kitchen tiles are to make it bright and at least give it a spacious look. You do not want a pattern or colour that attracts too much attention or absorbs too much light. It should reflect as much light as possible to make the light in the room and more. Laying tiles on the entire length of the room rather than through it creates the illusion of a more spacious place.

Kitchen floor tiling job done in Launceston with marble tiles

Bathroom tiling Launceston design guide 

The wettest area and moisture of each house is the bathroom. Everyone wants a dry bathroom, it feels fresh and clean, lots of light and ventilation, and is spacious. You should never use very light or very dark colours because the lights have a look dirty quickly while dark makes dull and smaller.  

Try to find a colour that does not look good, but also refreshing, reflecting appropriately light. It would help if you tried to find a tile that offers some friction and rest as much as possible because the vouchers can get a severe problem for you in the future. 

When should you get help laying tiles? 

You must have good knowledge of tiling, or you should contact experienced floor tiling Launceston experts to get information about the latest trends. As hard flooring is best in places that remain wet as the kitchen and bathroom. You still need to finish the tile work in the kitchen before installing the units on it.  

The advantages of this are that if leaks occur in the sink or faucet and the water will not go down, but will be blocked by more tiles. You can change the units then without altering the tiled floor. It is the most economical method. To the first floor bathrooms, where many pipes enter the ground, then the floor is just a waste of money in such a place. It is better to have flooring cheap for such a place. 

Kitchen Practical Guide 

The kitchen floor is facing a lot of Greece, liquids, dirt, and germs. We let down even things like plates and glasses on it sometimes. Thus, tile material should be stain-resistant and tough enough to handle such pressure. If you have questions on the tile that will be for the most suitable place and porcelain tile will be our answer.  

The polished surface and the hardness of it make it more stain-resistant than most other tiles. The problem is the grout. Not only quickly covers, but can also get affected by the material such as liquid. Try using a resin drop, as they are generally resistant to such spots. 

Tiles and Floor Structure 

For the tile itself, the soil that is underneath the tiles must be properly levelled. It is essential for hard tile success. Floor structure may consist of concrete, which is usually present in ground floors or wood floors that are usually present in older homes built around 1950 the concrete floor must be correctly and adequately level so that when the tiles are laid, they do not receive non-aligned.  

He not only looks ugly but cheap and causes water leakage between the tiles that the gap may appear. It would help if you stretched joints to allow some flexibility to the surface. 

Amazing Tips for Floor Tiling Launceston 

  • Select the colour of the tiles intelligently 
  • Choose the size of the tiles neatly 
  • Grout colour is not to attract the attention of the eye 
  • Use the tiles with the best finish 
  • Never, but materials such as adhesive and gout without consenting your floor tiling Launceston expert. 

Contact Launceston Tiling & Waterproofing to get the best services at reasonable prices. We have a team of floor tiling Launceston professionals that will deliver high-quality work efficiently.  

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