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Tiling is the practice of laying tiles on the floor or walls of the bathroom, kitchen, pools, or any other place. Tiling is a very technical and demanding job. A tiler has proper certification and has received proper training for it. He has the knowledge and the skills required to do it properly.  You should never try to do it tiling because it will be just a waste of your energy, time, and money.   

The two significant steps for tiling are tiling selection and hiring the tiler. Tile selection can become an overwhelming experience for you because of the variety of tiles available in the market. It can easily confuse anybody unless he is a professional and knows what looks better at which place. If you had made tile selection, then you have to hire professional Launceston Bathroom Tiling experts. You should do some own research before doing this.  

Find a reliable and professional tiler online and read their reviews, so you can judge them either they are good or not. You have to find the right specialist for your need. If you are having difficulty, then this article is a must-read for you. In this article, we have provided all the tips and tricks to find a reliable and professional tiler. 

Modern bathroom renovation done in Launceston with wood look porcelain tiles

Personal recommendation 

Sometimes its one of the most convenient ways to din the right tiler is to ask your friends and family for it. You can ask those who recently renovated their bathrooms about their tiler. Was he good or bad? Did he charge reasonably or not? Are they satisfied with work quality? Did he finish in time?  

These questions will surely help you to find the tiler that can fulfil your need. You will also be able to avoid fake or paid reviews that are sometimes present on the internet as your family or friends will always be sincere and truthful when telling you the details of the tiler. Never decide based on just one recommendation always ask more than two people at least then decide who to hire. 

Find a tradesman websites 

If you want an easy way to check for the tiling company or the tiler, you are going to hire, for authenticity and what was the experience of others with them, then go on the internet. Most certainly you will be able to find a website of the company or person because most Launceston Bathroom Tiling experts have their website with their names so that people can reach them. And this is the easiest way of gaining publicity and for advertisement.  

You can read articles or reviews about them online. These are given by people who hired them in the past. You can see the pictures or videos of their previous projects. In this way, you can judge their working standard and potential. Companies use this media to attract customers and gain their trust. 

Social media 

Within ten years, social media has become an essential part of our lives. Now it’s the most significant medium from which we take the information. No business can run without having social media accounts. Every tiling company or private contractor, who is certified and authentic, has its Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts and pages.  

It’s the best place to read and share reviews about a company or individual you had experience with. That is why nowadays people decide on hiring a company only after reading reviews on social media about them and based on the rating they have. 

Professional guidance 

There is a reason that people prefer to ask a professional for guidance before deciding something. They believe that he has the knowledge and experience to guide them better. So, always reach out to a professional tiler before making decisions regarding tiling.  

You can ask for his help in tile selection and for an estimate of the material required to cover a place. You can ask him which brands are better for what product. He will also give you details of suppliers if you need them. If you need such guidance, then never hesitate to contact us. We, the Launceston Bathroom Tiling Experts, have the most professional and hard-working tilers.  

They have the skills and qualifications to fulfil your needs. They can guide you very well. We also offer a no-obligation consultation.  

 Getting a quote 

Once you are done with making a list of tilers, you think are reliable, then call each of them and get a quote. The benefit of this practice will be that you will have a lot of options available to compare and choose from. Ask them what they cover in that quote—the quality or brands of the material they use. Never take a decision just by asking one or two tilers. Ask a bunch of tilers for quotes before making a decision. You can also contact the Launceston Bathroom Tiling Experts for a quote. If you call them, they will reach your place and assess the place to be tiled. Then give you an estimate about the material and the budget you will need to cover it. 

Tips for the perfect bathroom renovation tiling project. 

Beautiful bathroom renovation job done in Launceston with wood look porcelain tiles
The right tile 

 You must choose the appropriate tile for an appropriate place. Like there is a different category of tiles for the kitchen and a separate category of tiles for the bathroom. The selection of the right tile can become a blessing for you in the future. 

Tiling purpose 

There is always a purpose in the head for tiling a particular place. Sometimes you want to create an environment that is cool and calm while other times you want a place to radiate energy. Keep this purpose in a while selecting the tile so you can give the place the desired look. 

Desired space 

You can create an illusion of a big and spacious space with large tiles and a small and cozy place with small tiles as it’s the same for white and black wall colours respectively. You can use information while tiling your bathroom or any other place to give it the desired look.  


People often use contrasting combinations of tiles and décor products to create a different visual effect. If it is not, then you have to change the décor pieces around tiles if you don’t want to ruin the look. 

The right tiler 

 You may have selected the right tile and materials for tiling but find the right tiler is even more difficult and crucial. It all depends on him to install the tiles in a professional way and according to your needs. Always rely on some professional tilers and never take the risk of hiring inexperienced and unprofessional tilers. You can come to Launceston Bathroom Tiling Experts as we are the most professional and experienced tilers in here. We can deliver you the best possible results at a very reasonable price.  

Reputation and reviews 

Always make sure that the tiler you are going to hire is reliable. You can do this when reading online reviews about him or ask people about him. Launceston Bathroom Tiling Experts with excellent reputations and reviews are most probably reliable one. You should never hire someone with a bad reputation or reviews.  


Portfolios are used by Launceston Bathroom Tiling experts to showcase their past projects so that the customer can trust their skills and qualification. You must give it a look before hiring them. It includes pictures of the projects they have completed. You can get an idea about their work quality and potential from it. 

Quality of work 

You must judge the quality of tiling work provided by the tiler by looking at the equipment he uses. Most professional ones have the latest tools to help them in finishing the job quickly and effectively. For example, Launceston Tiling & Waterproofing offers top-class bathroom renovation services at reasonable costs. You can judge their quality by looking at their previous project too. Just make sure the quality of work matches your need. 

Questions to ask 

Quote, and what is covered in it? So, he can’t keep extra charges hidden from you. Always ask more than two tilers for quotes before hiring one. 

How long will it take to complete? So, you can schedule your day according to it, and it will not disturb your busy life. 

When can the tiler start? Most of Launceston Bathroom Tiling experts are booked for weeks to come. So, make sure that the day he is available, you will be at home to oversee his work. 

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